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Michael Allen Homes is an Auburn Alabama based custom Home Builder specializing in quality craftsmanship.  We are an award winning company having won OA News Reader’s Choice award for Lee County’s best Home Builder for the past 5 years.  Our recent Model Home in East Lake Estates has received several awards including the 2014 Grand Prize for the Women’s Council of Realtors Tour of Homes. Each custom home is built to the clients specification after meeting with the owner of Michael Allen Homes, Michael Allen Monk.


"A Journey Home"

Watch Michael discuss his passion for building custom homes. Simply put, we are good at it and enjoy what we do. We believe there are many things we could each do but only a few things we are well suited for. Building homes is what we know, and pleasing our clients day in and day out is what drives us.


Award Winning Quality

My experiences as a child working with my father, education, my God given talents – building homes is an avenue to display what I was created to do.


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What’s Best for You?

Our aim and goal, if you will, is at some point during the process each client will not only begin to relax and enjoy the process but more importantly will come to fully understand and believe that we really do have your best interest at heart.

Michael Allen Homes

Homes built specifically for you and your needs.



To reach that point where the client says “I trust you, do what you think is best”.

Custom Homes

Of course every builder aims to build to the client’s specific tastes and desires, though undoubtedly the builder’s style will show through to some degree. My personal preference is to build homes versus houses. Houses are built to show where homes are built to live.

Personalized Touch

While we strive to achieve each goal, every client we build for is a little different. Most people enter into the building process with some level of anxiety and apprehension. It’s a time of excitement but also of caution allowing your minds to play all the possible “what if” scenarios you can imagine. We’ll use our personalized touch to make sure you’re comfortable.

Made Just For You

I want each home to uniquely meet the client’s needs – both present and future, to accommodate their lifestyles, and most importantly to create memories and share life with those who matter most in their lives. While this style may not have a formal name I like to think it exists in each home we build.

Individualized Service

We want you to be happy with your home, pleased with the process, and feel like you’ve received great value for your investment – To reach that point where the client says “I trust you, do what you think is best”.

Auburn/Opelika Area

We at Michael Allen Homes do our best to invigorate and improve the local community. We focus our work to where we live – the Auburn/Opelika area(s) of Alabama. Only then can we truly help our neighbors.

The Best in Alabama

Our aim every day is to reward your trust by making every decision with your best interest at heart – especially when no one is watching. Whether it be the process by which your home is built, the individuals working to build the home, the materials being used, or the money being spent – every decision is made with the client in mind.